1. What is Ambien Generic?

Ambien Generic is an online store that provides medicines at the cheapest rates possible to our customers. We strive towards making our user experience better.

2. What are the types of medicines sold on our website?

We deal with medicines for pain, anxiety, fever, ADHD, etc. For more information, you can check on our ‘All products’ page to get the idea of the medicines.

3. Why should I buy products from your site?

We, at Ambien Generic, have a motive for making the user experience better. We do earn profits from our customers but also make sure to give our customers the best quality medicines.

4. What should I know about generic medicines?

Medicines sold at lower rates than the brand name are called Generic Medicines. The difference between both is the pricing and colors of the drug. Generic drugs are much cheaper in comparison to brand medicines.

5. Why are the prices of the medicines so low?

The prices are comparatively lower than the offline pharmacies because products present on our website are directly taken from the manufacturers. There is no middle man cost. Our plus is the low-priced medicines.

6. How can you contact the site?

We are proud of our 24*7 customer support. We have always kept our customers’ questions first and helped them with anything in the best possible way. You can always mail us at the mail mentioned on the website or call at the given no.

7. What are the payment modes available?

We allow different payment options on our website. Once you are on the checkout page, you’ll be given options for choosing the one you want to pay from.

8. What is the estimated time period for the delivery of the products?

It takes 2-3 working days for the package to be delivered at your doorstep. You can track your package anytime with the help of the tracking ID provided to you at the time of the delivery.